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Ewopharma strengthens its OTC business with two strong German phytomedicine products

Ewopharma signed a cooperation agreement with two independent medium sized companies from Germany: Schwabe Pharmaceuticals and Krewel Meuselbach. Their well-documented plant-based medicines with clinically-proven results strengthen Ewopharma’s pediatric/ respiratory portfolio.

As from September 2012 on, Ewopharma is marketing Hedelix in Croatia. Hedelix is a standardized ivy leaf extract, which thins bronchial secretions, enables expectoration and relieves irritating cough. Clinical studies show that the product is at least as effective as other ivy extracts, but Hedelix has a longer shelf life, is free of preservatives, alcolhol and sugar, which makes it suitable for children. In fact, the product fits nicely to Ewopharma’s focus on pediatricians and allergologists.

In Romania, Ewopharma has taken over the responsibility for Kaloba, an extract of pelargonium sidoides for upper respiratory tract infections. Kaloba has an interesting triple action mechanism: It activates anti-viral defence, fights bacteria and is mucolytic. Kaloba is a natural family product with a broad spectrum of use, which helps to limit the antibiotic resistance of bacteria. Kaloba is an ideal extension to Ewopharma’s own immunostimulant Isoprinosine.