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Czech Republic

Right from the start the Czech Republic took a leading role in the process of political and economic reform. To a large extent the programme of liberalisation and privatisation has already been successfully completed and the country is in a phase of consolidation. Despite a growth rate lower than that of the early 90's, the Czech Republic remains a leading market in the Central Eastern European region.

The Czech Republic possesses a functioning network of public and private health insurance institutions, funded by insurance premiums and tax contributions fixed by the Government. Securing the finance for this system, however, presents an increasing challenge. On the one hand calls of doctors and hospitals to raise contributions are heard more and more, while on the other the lack of any import restrictions at all has led to a wave of imported medicines. Nevertheless, soundness of the main economic indicators suggests that the health service's financing problems can be overcome without implementing austerity measures. The growth potential of the Czech market remains firmly intact.


Key facts and figures:


Area:   79'000 km2
Capital:   Prague
Population:   10,55 million (2015)
Currency:   Czech Crown (CZK)
Volume of pharmaceutical market:   USD 3 billion (2011)
Of which imported drugs:   80%
No. of hospitals:   189
No. of physicians:   36'952
No. of pharmacies:   2'765
Our subsidiary:   Ewopharma, spol. s r. o.
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