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Already in the late 70's, continuing into the 80's, the relatively liberal Hungarian government encouraged private consumption. This was financed largely through foreign money however, leading to the highest per capital debt of the whole region. Reduction of this debt is imperative but is clearly in conflict with the task of maintaining social welfare standards.

In the health care sector the government is faced with a dilemma. At USD 279 per capita, pharmaceutical consumption is among the highest in the region, not least because of a strong local industry: Restrictive measures, such as adjustments to the complex reimbursement system and strict drug price controls on all drugs, are intended to correct the financial shortfall in the health service. In the short term the Hungarian market is therefore expected to show only modest growth and to remain characterised by fierce competition for market share. Requirements for a successful market entry are price flexibility, innovation and clear positioning.


Key facts and figures:


Area:   93'000 km2
Capital:   Budapest
Population:   9,84 million (2015)
Currency:   Hungarian Forint (HUF)
Volume of pharmaceutical market:   USD 2.567 billion (2012)
Of which imported drugs:   72%
No. of hospitals:   140
No. of physicians:   35'196
No. of pharmacies:   2'407
Our subsidiary:   Ewopharma Hungary Ltd.
    Budakeszi Ășt 73/F
    HU-1021 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 200 46 50
Fax: +36 1 398 03 16
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