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Lithuania hosts one of the most significant biotechnology industries in Central and Eastern Europe. The cluster of highly specialised research and development companies, scientists and educational institutions provides favourable infrastructure for the knowledge-based pharmaceutical companies. Lithuanian pharmaceutical market is largely defined by imports and shows a dominant proportion of prescription drugs in relation to over-the-counter (OTC) preparations. The global economic crisis put further pressure on the country to reduce healthcare spending – both at consumer and state level. As a result, reference pricing was extended also to the non-reimbursed prescription and OTC drugs and the wholesale and retail margins were capped. The introduction of tighter pricing control is expected to ensure a balance between the pharmaceutical companies and the retail in the market. Due to Lithuania‘s need for modern medicines and improved healthcare service, it is believed that the demand for drugs will continue to grow, even if not at the pace from the pre-crisis time. 


Key facts and figures:


Area:   65'200 km2
Capital:   Vilnius
Population:   2,91 million (2015)
Currency:   Euro (EUR)
Volume of pharmaceutical market:   EUR 724 million (2010)
Of which imported drugs:   75%
No. of hospitals:   330
No. of physicians:   6'586
No. of pharmacies:   2'325
Our subsidiary:   Ewopharma AG
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    LT-09308 Vilnius
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