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Moldova is a landlocked country between Russia and Romania, highly influenced economically and politically from both sides. Unfortunately political turmoil is frequently affecting business environment in a negative way.

Even though it is one of the poorest CEE countries in terms of GDP per capita (1'514 USD vs. Romania 7'542 USD) with a vulnerable economy and a delayed economic reform, Moldavia’s primary goal is increase its economic indicators, which resulted lately in a market-oriented progress in the recent years.

The pharmaceutical market potential is evaluated at approx. 10% of the Romanian market size and expected to further develop in the following years.


Key facts and figures:


Area:   33'800 km2
Capital:   Kishinev
Population:   3,55 million (2015)
Currency:   Moldavian Leu (MDL)
Volume of pharmaceutical market:   EUR 169 million (2012)
Of which imported drugs:   80%
No. of hospitals:   41
No. of physicians:   12'700
No. of pharmacies:   1'100 (250 governmental)
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