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With a population of over 38,53 million, Poland is one of the most attractive countries of the region in the long term for foreign investors and trade partners despite the current economic situation linked to the global economic situation. Poland has coped with the effects of the global crisis much better than other countries and it has maintained its position as one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union over the past several years.

In 2014 Polish GDP growth amounted to 3.3% as an effect of domestic demand growth.
The new reimbursement Act introduced in 2012 has caused a severe slowdown in the drug market dynamics. (-8,9%)


In 2014-year total pharmaceutical market reached 30,9 PLN billion sales values that means that Polish market to recovered and reached sales of 2011 values.

The fastest growth concern the hospital market 15,7% than Rx non-reimbursed 1,6%, OTC 0,8% and decrease for Rx reimbursed market.

Taking into account other EU countries, the economic performance of Poland seems to be very sound, making Poland one of the European leaders. In 2014 the average gross salary in enterprise sector amounted to PLN 3,980 unemployment in June 2015 10,3%.

Key facts and figures:


Area:   312'679 km2
Capital:   Warsaw
Population:   38,44 million (2016)
Currency:   Polish Zloty (PLN)
Volume of pharmaceutical market:   PLN 34.3 billion (2015)
Of which imported drugs:   60%
No. of hospitals:   979
No. of physicians:   169'947
No. of pharmacies:   14'584
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